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Anyone can become a member of the Order Sons of Italy in America and a member of the Watertown Lodge.

Once enrolled every member receives access to the Memberā€™s Lounge during normalĀ business hours as well as a copy of a monthly newsletter.

The downstairs Memberā€™s Lounge is open Monday ā€“ Wednesday and Friday from 6:00pmĀ until 11:30pm.Ā Only OSIA members are allowed to use the downstairs lounge.

Members in good standing may invite guests. Guests are limited to three visits per month,Ā prior to enrolling as a Regular or Social Member.

Beverages served at the downstairs lounge include an assortment of domestic and imported beer (the coldest beer in Watertown!), wine, liqueurs, cocktails, Italian drinks and sodas ā€“ all at a discountedĀ member rate.

Members LoungeFor entertainment there are largeĀ HDĀ flat screen TVs, including an 80 inch LED TV, with access toĀ mostĀ sport channels and RAI the Italian channel, a full-size regulationĀ pool table, foosball/biliardino table, dart board, wireless Internet, Italian and American cards (for Tre Sette/Scopa/Briscola/ Gin/Scala 40/etc) and a full service kitchen.

The Memberā€™s Lounge and entire building is a non-smoking facility.

More importantly as a fraternal Order, the lounge offers a place to relax and socializeĀ with fellow members.

All members of the Watertown Lodge also receive National and State benefits, asĀ mentioned below.

National Benefits:

Free print & online subscription to Italian America magazine, members-only access to the
National website, discounts on wireless products and services, travel, health & wellness
services, genealogy research, language instruction, insurance, culinary products and more.

For more information visit:Ā www.osia.org

State Benefits:

Free subscription to the Sons of Italy News, discount on home, life and auto insurance and
preferred eligibility for Grand Lodge scholarships.

For more information visit:Ā www.osiama.orgĀ or download the brochure on the right.Ā 


Membership BrochureThere are 4 types of membership for the Order Sons of Italy in America.

Regular Members:

Men and women who can trace their, or their spouseā€™s Italian lineage. They can participateĀ in meetings, vote and hold office.

Regular Membership is $80 annually.

Social Members:

Individuals who are not of Italian descent. They may vote at meetings, however they may not hold office.

Social Membership is $70 annually.

At-Large Members:

People who cannot attend meetings or who do not live near a lodge. They receive all OSIA State and National benefits. They may not vote or hold office.

At-Large Membership is $35 annually, to become an At-Large Member visit:Ā www.osia.org

Junior Members:

Young adults between the ages of 10-18 who have the same benefits as Regular Members.



Become a member today and to be part of the largest Italian-America organization.

For more information contactĀ us at 617-799-8819 or email usĀ here.